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(posted by on Feb. 13th, 2015 07:44 pm)
1. Moral panic over Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey. Look, they're terrible. The relationships are abusive. The writing is awful. The ids it strokes are not your id. The fanbase is obsessive and weird. Fuck it, though. So are we. We're obsessive and weird. We care too much about problematic fandoms. We ship Snarry. We have the entire genre of dubcon and the entire genre of noncon. We freak out when LJ tries to take our porn away. We are swimming in problematic relationships that are considered romantic all the time (see: nearly any movie where the bland dude gets the hot girl for being 'nice', fandom's love of unhealthy codependency), but the only reason why these two things get so much hate is because they are super popular with women, and the things that women find id-pleasing are weird and bad, and the things dudes find id-pleasing are 'normal' and everywhere.

2. Shitting on the MBTA (*cough* and the fact that Charlie Baker is an asshole *cough*). Look, I just got out of a train car where I was packed like a sardine for at least three stops. I was late for a morning meeting yesterday because the platform for the red line was packed 8 people deep. I nearly vomited on a bus while I was trying to get into work. We're up shit creek without a paddle, and the MBTA is right there with us trying to keep its outdated infrastructure from collapsing in on itself after decades of neglect.

3. Assholes pretending like they know anything about game development. Software is hard. Game development is software plus an extra layer of complex artistry. People like to talk shit about how games wouldn't be late or overbudget if they were planned correctly. LOL.

4. This fic I'm trying to write. It's terrible, and it will always be terrible, which is why I should just abandon it and go back to playing video games until my 3DS runs out of battery. At least that way I'll be spared the anxiety of worrying if anyone actually wants to read this thing.

5. Snow. We're supposed to get another foot this Saturday-Sunday. *cue crylaughing*

6. Gamergate. Fuck Gamergate forever.
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(posted by on Oct. 28th, 2009 09:19 am)
So I made the mistake of watching Steven Levitt on the Daily Show last night. And then I wanted to scream. A lot.

Gee, thanks for letting us know that we're getting our silly "morals" get in the way of your pure, pure science. Sady Doyle and Echidne of the Snakes already have written some pretty good take-downs of their (really, incredibly shoddy) economics and feminism, but I feel the need to reiterate a few things.

First of all, economics is at it's heart, the study of choices. What choices are the best for the individual, what choices keep the economy efficient, what choices benefit society as a whole. In the excerpt they've provided, they seem to be ignoring the ways in which some prostitutes do not have the same choices others do due to their race and class and environment. They seem totally uninterested in understanding or exploring how this different range of choices changes the way in which prostitution operates and functions.

And we're not just talking about how much these people are getting paid. These are entirely different markets, here, with entirely different market forces at work. Even I can see this, and I haven't been paid handsomely to write a book.

While we're on the topic of stupidity, can I just say that I am still seeing red over Levitt's comment about how they were trying to take "morality out of the picture"? I get that economics (and economists) likes to pretend it's a completely amoral discipline of cold, hard facts, but this is so patently untrue, it really is quite staggering. Economics is a discipline based on flawed assumptions, and the assumptions it makes cannot be amoral. In this excerpt, they use white, male, middle-class, and heterosexual as the default, and this is a moral choice on their parts. This is an assumption that cannot be construed as "neutral" or "scientific," because it fails to reflect the realities that some of their "rational actors" behave in. Also, you, as white, male, heterosexual, Ph.D. are not nearly as objective about these issues as you think we are. Our ladybrains are not confusing us in this issue.

God, I am not surprised that they're just churning out crap for the paycheck these days, but seriously, this is just bullshit disguised as science. Please stop with your condescension.

Oh, and Levitt? The reason why people are up in arms over your global warming section is that it is downright wrong, not because you are so boldly telling the hard truths. Plus, you fail at statistics.
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(posted by on Jul. 16th, 2009 12:00 pm)
Dear people who argue for the gold standard,

You know why gold has value? BECAUSE WE BELIEVE IT HAS VALUE.

You know why our money has value? BECAUSE WE BELIEVE IT HAS VALUE.


no love,
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(posted by on Feb. 4th, 2009 02:41 pm)
I have been angry lately because I feel like have a lot of anger to make up for. I've been thinking about race in general and my race in particular, and how I've spent so much of my life identifying as white because it was easier, because it was expected of me, and I've been trying harder lately to say, "No. Fuck that shit. That's not who I am. That's not what I've experienced."

I've spent too much of my life thinking that none of my white friends understand my anger because it's not valid, that I shouldn't get angry because it means rocking the boat, it means making other people upset, and I'm a good Asian girl. I don't do things like that. It means that I've noticed race, and I shouldn't do that, that makes me a racist.

I want to change that now. I want to get angry and say so and have reasons for it. I want to say what I've been pushing away for so long. I want to talk about something that has made me so upset for so long, I still have the scars.

This is about constructions of beauty, and about my own issues, and about racism.

Why I Will Hate Arthur Golden Forever And Ever )
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(posted by on Aug. 3rd, 2006 09:28 pm)
You know what makes me want to become a man-hating lesbian? Comments like this, especially in response to this.

Yes, of course women getting drink specials are definitely the social and political equivalent to men controlling most governments and most businesses. Also, getting to go through doors first definitely makes up for the fact that most people will think I'm stupider than my male coworkers because I'm female in a male-dominated field. And to think of how much money I'll save on not having to buy dinner, even I'm going to be paid less to do the same job!

Oh man, men have it so hard. Some of them are asked to change tires once in a while!

Gee, thanks, frez! I had no idea how oppressed men were before now!
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(posted by on Jul. 19th, 2006 09:41 pm)
Dear people who like to say that market forces will prevent companies from being evil,

Please stop using economics to back up your idoicy, because A) You're probably applying it incorrectly and B) You're making economics look bad. And seeing as I'm trying to get a degree in it, I have a vested interest in not making it look bad.


(Does thedeadparrot have to smack some bitches? I think she does.)
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(posted by on Apr. 7th, 2006 12:04 pm)
Dear the ass-wad form of conservatives,

What. the. Fuck? No, really, WTF? I mean, if they ever come up with an AIDS vaccine and you pull this sort of shit, I will be forced to rip out your liver and shove if down your throat. You actually believe that teaching kids abstinence is a better idea than giving them a vaccine that will continue to protect them from cervical cancer later on in life?

You actually believe that teenagers having more sex (which of course never happens. Teenagers never have sex) is somehow more important than saving people's lives and their ovaries?

Fuck. You.

No really, fuck you.

And you're a group that has the audacity to say that you're "pro-life".

No love,


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