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I have a lot of feelings about this show, most of them negative. It's so well-made, but it also feels hollow. Maybe that is an apt metaphor, considering the subject matter.

The visuals are gorgeous. The production values are top notch. The acting is great. The writing, for the most part, is even... good? But. But. I kind of still hated it?

My thoughts are pretty scattered, but here are some of them in list form.

Spoilers ahead. )
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for [personal profile] escritoireazul
(I'm happy to take more topics!)

This is so tough for me to say because I consume a lot of media and I hate ranking things. So here's a list of 5 things I have enjoyed a lot over the past year! I will most assuredly forget things or leave things off that I will totally regret not mentioning earlier. Anyway, I'm just going to talk about what I liked about these things without caveats, even though they're imperfect and flawed.


This show was such a breath of fresh air! It's so easy for scifi/genre entertainment these days to be cynical and grimdark, and I'm no exception to that. It's so refreshing to have a show that is unabashedly humanist. It's not all sunshine and flowers. The world can be ugly and imperfect, too, But it's a show that believes human beings are worth caring about, that we can be better than we are. It's such a lovely and powerful message.

Jessica Jones

I noped out of Top of the Lake because it was so dismal and so bleak. I complained to a bunch of friends that I was sick of stories about 'men doing awful things to women'. I wanted more stories of 'women doing things'. And this is that show for me. It's all about women having agency, struggling to make correct decisions, even when the villain is the embodiment of a lack of agency. I loved the way the metaphors and the genre trappings fit together perfectly. I loved how many different types of female relationships and female characters are portrayed. I loved that it was a story about recovery not revenge.

Ms. Marvel (vol 1.)

It's a fairly standard 'girl gets powers, has to figure out how to use them and also how to maintain a secret identity', but it's done with such verve and detail and sweetness that I can't help but love it. The handling of Muslim identity was great. It taught me things I didn't know anything about. And I loved that I could see plenty of my teenage self in Kamala.

Magic Mike XXL

This movie is full of contradictions for me, but I can't help but be entertained by it anyway. Where the first movie is split between its desire to be gritty and real and also dirty-fun entertainment, this one throws out all the gritty realness in favor of going all-out on the dirty-fun entertainment. And strangely enough, it's a much better movie for that.

Inside Out

I am generally a sucker for Pixar, and this was just such a warm, heart-wrenching story of growing up, told in a delightful way. I legit cried like a baby in the theater because the emotions were so visceral to me. It makes its argument that we need to learn to be whole people, to embrace all the flawed, imperfect sides of ourself and use that knowledge to grow and become better. It doesn't make this journey easy. It's one of the hardest things in the entire world. And this movie is all about how difficult and how painful it can be and how rewarding it can be if you can succeed.
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Amazing how much media you can consume when you're stuck on planes for 20-some-odd hours. Mostly off the cuff because I should be sleeping right now.

Ancillary Justice

I started this last year during Christmas break but couldn't quite get into it. When I first read it, I was only good at following one storyline at the time, and the present-day stuff was easier to follow, even if it was slower and less interesting. This time around, I was more able to track what was happening in the flashbacks, and the story started pulling together. I enjoyed it quite thoroughly, though I think I'm less enraptured with it than some of the other people I know. Definitely willing to continue reading the series. Not sure when I'll have a chance.

I think my favorite bit of this story was trying to intuit the way the other characters relate to and feel about Breq through Breq's POV.

The gender stuff didn't quite work for me the way it did for a lot of other people. I didn't care about gendering characters because the POV character didn't.


As advertised, a fun, feminist tweaking of James Bond films. I just wish it was smarter. Jason Statham's casting was inspired, and he got the biggest laughs out of me.

Pitch Perfect 2

Pleasant enough and hits the usual story beats for a sequel to an underdog sports movie. Still feels like it's trying to be Glee, over-the-top offensive humor and all.

Mr. Robot

Only saw the first 4 eps, because those were the only ones available.

This show is interesting to me because I am still trying to figure out if I want to watch the rest of it. It's definitely one of the most accurate shows about computers/technology/hacking that I've seen. It's also definitely a kind of wish fulfilment show for socially awkward nerd-dude hackers.

But it's a lot more nuanced and sharp than it needs to be. It's a show that is incredibly deliberate about the compositions of its shots and calls attention to it. Rami Malek is riveting to watch in his stillnesses, which is always impressive. The Robin Hood story at the center is a lot more complex than it first appears.

The treatment of the women bothers me a lot. With a few exceptions, they're forced to the outside, where things are done to them and they aren't allowed to do anything besides be emotional support for Elliot.

Masters of Sex

Only watched one episode of this (episode 3), and I enjoyed it? There's a lot of stuff tossed into the mix here, and it's serialized enough that I feel like I barely got a taste of it. Even with how up-front it is about its subject matter, it feels more prurient and voyueristic than, say, Sense 8. I think I'll have to give it a few more episodes before I can draw a real conclusion about that.
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I have been having a long, rough week at work, mostly because of annual reviews and past work angst on top of regular annual review angst.

So Sense 8 has been a breath of fresh air. I wasn't sure what to expect of it. The AV Club mentioned that it is visually gorgeous and kind of stupid, and it kind of is? But I think that's selling what it does do well short. I'm on episode 7, and it's great.

The beautiful thing about this show is its reckless optimism and gentle humanism. It's a show that loves its characters and will let them breathe and exist and just be. Not everything they do has to be about their powers or the overarching mystery. The characters and their foibles drive the drama and not the other way around. And there's something beautiful about the way the main 8 characters connect with each other, across the spaces that separate them, both physical and cultural. The show revels in those connections, that ability to connect with other human beings who are not us and not like us.

It does all this with an awareness, an understanding that the world can be ugly. It's not all butterflies and rainbows and naivete. But it believes in people's abilities to band together to overcome that ugliness. It's so earnest about this it's hard to hate it.

- the dialogue can be stilted and not-good
- some of the storylines are boring/cliche
- exposition is clunky
- overarching plotline moves very slowly
- I still don't know how I feel about everyone speaking in English. eh.

I'm just really in love with this show, you guys. It's just the right sort of heartwarming I wanted/needed this week.
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Just got back from MJ! 'Twas good, especially now that I've embraced my inner BOFQ. I might have a more detailed con report written up later, but for now I'm just relaxing and mentally preparing myself for work again tomorrow.

I guess the biggest sign that it worked is that I just pumped out something close to 2k of words today of this prompt fic (last one!) that has been kicking my ass all week. I am crossing my fingers that I can get through the first draft by the end of tonight, but that may be a futile goal.

Watched the end of Glee as well. I have decided that Glee is basically that drunk person hogging the mic at karaoke. Sloppy and not really coherent and kind of offensive, but every once in a while they manage to hit just the right note. Not entirely convinced that the last two eps overall managed to hit more than one note, but the final number tugged gently at my heartstrings.

Thanks for the good times, show. I'll do my best not to remember the bad.
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So here's me talking about the big Connor/Oliver spoiler in the season finale. Probably even more about fandom's reaction than my own. There's a lot of other stuff we could unpack in these two eps, but this is the one that brings the most baggage, I think, for lack of a better word.

spoilers )
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I wrote a little bit about it already under friendslock, mostly because I don't want to give away too many personal deets, but I wanted to put something up that's a little more public. And longer. And more rambling. You've been warned.

I've written a bunch here before about the fact that I'm Taiwanese, so the fact that this show is not just about an Asian family, but a specifically Tawiwanese family makes it all the more special to me. It's a show centered not just around an Asian-American family, but a specifically Asian-American point of view. The kids are still unformed, I think. Eddie Huang mostly tries to be a gangster. He has younger brothers that he occasionally conflicts with. Their grandmother shows up every once in a while to drop a line in Chinese (It's sometimes hard to understand her Mandarin, and she should be speaking in Taiwanese anyway.) The parents are really where the show shines.

It's easy to dismiss Jessica as a Tiger Mom. She's fierce and unrelenting and freaks out about her kids' grades, but the show goes out of its way to humanize her, so you can see the specific anxieties that drive her behavior. Most shows with Asian parents like that (and yes, Glee, I'm looking at you) don't or can't or won't go to that length to talk about why certain kinds of Asian parents are the way they are. That specificity is important. That subjectivity is something we, as Asian-Americans, don't often get. And you have no idea how many times I've had that exact same conversation with my dad about how my mom is tough on me because she really cares about me.

I like how different the parents are. That's the other thing. So often Asian parents are presented as one unit, dour-faced, saying the same things at different times. Do your homework. You're not allowed to have fun/do art/hang out with friends. Louis and Jessica have arguments about how best to raise their kids. They disagree how to treat the people they meet and talk to and how best to survive in America. They get to be individual people with individual perspectives. It's so refreshing to see it reflected here.

And another thing, growing up Asian in America, you get so few choices and options for identification. You get to be full-Asian, a culture that's almost as alien to you as it is for the other American kids around you (as much as I love A:tLA and co, it fits into this category), or you can be white-American, fully assimilated into a culture that doesn't know how to see or talk about you. Your cousins think you're weird and don't know how to talk right. Try-hard neighboring white people comment on your tan.

Even as there's a rise of Asian-American actors on TV (John Cho, ilu), I think there's a lot of shows that fail to talk about what it means, specifically, to be Asian. They tend to write the characters the way they'd write white characters, and a lot of the specific racial background of the characters gets muddled, confused, fucked up. Even Elementary, which gave us an excellent female Watson, doesn't know how to talk about Joan's race.

Fresh Off the Boat talks about that. It confronts it head-on. I've gotten that comment about my English multiple times growing up. Well, actually, I got the far more bizarre and fucked up 'Do you speak English?' line several times, including as an adult. I could always tell who the telemarketers were when they called our house because they'd butcher my parents' full names or ask for 'Mr. [mom's last name]' (and it's Dr. [mom's last name], fuckhead).

(Sidebar: I wondered, while watching the show, whether or not Eddie Huang's mother actually took on the last name 'Huang' or if it was a TV translation thing or what. It's not traditional for wives to take their husband's family name in Chinese culture, so it was a little strange to see it here.)

I'm definitely hoping for more from this show, overall. There are parts of it that are still shaky, that could be better. The jokes don't always land. Some stuff goes a little too broad. There's a huge dearth of significant female characters outside of Jessica. But I have hope for this show. It's sharp. It's funny. And it's nice, seeing some parts of myself reflected back at me. It's so unfortunately rare.
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- I almost kind of have a vid idea, though I don't quite have a song for it yet, which is a problem. Also, it is for a video game, which quite possibly makes finding footage even more terrible than that of a TV show. Possibly. And I'm still looking for a good song for it, even though that is usually the minimum I expect from a vid idea: a source and a song. Right now I only have a source. So basically I don't even have a vid idea. Sigh.

- Watched Glee last night, which may have been a terrible idea. This show is worse than I remembered, and I was joking about my eyes being gouged out being the better alternative before I even sat down to watch it. does anyone actually care about Glee spoilers? ) There's another ten weeks of this? Well, I guess I followed Smash all the way to the end of its run, too.

- Still coughing all the time. Ugh. There's bouts of sneezing, too.

- Agent Carter was great! It holds together quite well and I'm looking forward to watching the rest of it. Is it wrong that I kind of ship Carter/Jarvis right now? It's a delight to watch them work together.

- Awesome Games Done Quick is seriously one of those events that I adore when it rolls around twice a year. There's a beauty to a great speedrun, a mixture of extremely precise hand-eye coordination and mind-bending technical wizardry. I love watching them.
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Legend of Korra has been super great this season, and everyone should get back into it, even if the first or second seasons didn't do it for you. It's really hit its stride, in terms of characterization and storytelling, and it feels a lot more like Avatar: the Last Airbender now that they've moved out of Republic City and into the wider world.

The animation is possibly even more gorgeous than than ever, highlighting the excellent worldbuilding, and the fight scenes are still extremely impressive.

I do find the handling of the adult characters pretty interesting this year. They're taking far more front-and-center roles this year than they would in most kids' TV shows and are far more prominent than anything that happened in A:tLA. They get entire episodes dedicated towards their character arcs.

Anyway, you should totally watch it, especially if you loved A:tLA. It's definitely a new and different thing, but I like what it's becoming.
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HBO's Looking had a pretty good pilot, but there is no way that a level designer working on a video game would be that dismissive of Pokemon.

Juuuuuust saying.
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I liked the first series of Sherlock. I liked it a lot. Maybe I just needed a new fandom at the time or maybe I was more willing to cut the show some slack, but it was my jam. There was a charm and cleverness to it, and it was high on its own fannish joy at playing with the Sherlock mythos. The racism was pretty egregious, and the treatment of female characters was dismissive at best. But all pop culture is about tradeoffs when it comes to social justice things. You make your own peace with it.

The second series of Sherlock was a far different story. The charm seemed to fade into a certain kind of smugness that was present during the first series, but not quite as obvious or annoying. The female characters were shit on more often. Irene Adler was pretty much wasted in favor of a faux edginess that is always grating. The show decided to wallow in its cleverness, just in case we didn't realize how clever it was the first time around. It felt like a bunch of dudes jerking off to how awesome Sherlock is all the time without the care or the thoughtfulness to make an interesting character portrait. My viewings of the show went from 'viewings' to 'hatewatches' very quickly. There were still things to enjoy. Martin Freeman's Watson still remains delightful, and the cinematography is, as always, gorgeous. The gleeful energy of the series still caries through, but I just couldn't let it pull me along.

Elementary, though with plenty of faults of its own, is so much better at the nuanced character work. It doesn't have the energy of Sherlock. I have a hard time following it from week to week, because the procedural nature of the thing can drag it down. But it is a careful show, and watching the relationships and storylines unfold with precision is extremely delightful.

I am still trying to decide whether or not I'm going to watch the next series of Sherlock. I can already tell that the things I hated about the second season are still going to be there if not worse. I know that if I do watch it, my past bitterness will make it difficult for me to move on to what is actually worthwhile. And yet, I still feel an obligation to see it through to the end. I know it's not particularly rational, but I still want to.

I watched the 7 minute minisoide of Sherlock yesterday, and I ended up tuning out about half of it because the circlejerk over Sherlock was back up and running again, but there was still that magic moment of Watson in the room, quiet and alone in his thoughts.

I still don't know if I'm going to watch the next series.
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So I could talk about Joan backstory and the delightful relationship building between Joan and Sherlock, but really, I am just nerding out over an entire episode about P vs. NP and how they didn't totally fuck it up. Well, they slightly fucked it up, but that's to be expected because this material is pretty damn difficult. I ended up TAing an intro CS theory class that spent maybe 1/3 of the class going over the problem, and it's still difficult to explain it to other people.

Anyway, it was great to have one of my nerdy loves collide with one of my other nerdy loves.

(In the intro theory class, we used to ask students to solve the P vs. NP problem as an extra credit problem, where points were given for how ridiculous they could make the proof. Good times. Good times.)
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(posted by on Sep. 29th, 2013 09:15 pm)
Korra - I'm kind of sick of the 'older mentor figure ends up being horribly misguided' trope in that it is way too much of a pattern right now, but oh well. I am still very much enjoying this season, and I hope to keep enjoying it. It's not perfect. There are still some glaring flaws. But it is still interesting and thoughtful and gorgeous.

Elementary - SO MUCH CITY PORN IN THE PREMIERE. Ugh. I love the way they use New York on the show, and Sherlock's London is so much lovelier than I imagined when writing The City & the City. Also, there was an awesome ratio of tasty character work vs. boringish procedural. Mycroft and Lestrade were both interesting and great.

Glee - Don't talk to me about Glee.

Parks and Rec - Still happy and adorable! I enjoyed their London shenanigans, even if they weren't as amazing as Elementary's London shenanigans. Ron's trip up to Scotland was the best. So much pretty.

Sleepy Hollow - I found the time travel jokes great and the mythology stuff mind numbingly awful. John Cho! I am sad that he's a bad guy, but I am delighted that he has a new show.

Breaking Bad - I have been slowly catching up on this show over the last few years, and I'm only midway through season 3. Ugh. I want to read all the discussions and analysis, but I also don't want to spoil myself too much. I don't think I could say anything about it that hasn't already been said. It's amazing television, but my enjoyment of it is a little cold.

Agents of SHIELD - My thoughts on this show are as follows: Coulson, I love you! I am sick of manic pixie hacker girls. I might have cared a little bit more if J. August Richards was sticking around. This show feels like it was made with a paint-by-numbers kit, and none of the n00bs registers as interesting.
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I've been meaning to write this post since last week, but I've ended up getting distracted by parents and, um, other stuff.

I ended up with the job offer I really wanted! It was seriously the best Thanksgiving present ever. I think my biggest problem with my last job was that I thought that just having a programming job would be enough for me, but I'm starting to realize that I think I need to really care about what I'm doing and what technologies I'm using and what the eventual impact of my work is going to be. It's really scary, starting over from the beginning, but I am also really excited about it as well. I start next Monday. Ack.

The other stuff that has been distracting me is, uh, Glee. Okay, I have been very vocal about how much I hate Glee, but I find it tolerable as a deliverer of individual moments that I do not hate and also as a fandom where most of the fan writers are better than that of the show itself. As a way to make bland white guy fic tolerable, this is probably not recommended.

oh god, you do not want to read my deranged ramblings about this show )

I still need to do a lot of work on my Yuletide fic. *facepalm*
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(posted by on Sep. 3rd, 2012 11:15 pm)
Today was my birthday, and it was super chill and happy. The weather was great, and the company was great, and the food was great.

I also saw the leaked pilot of Elementary. I really enjoyed it, and while there are a bunch of things that I didn't like (Joan's job and former-doctor status, some of the clunkiness of the characterization and the storytelling), I think it's got some great potential to grow into itself after a bunch of episodes. There's a great warmth to the characters that I really love, and I can't wait until they become proper bros!

I really want Elementary to grow its own fandom, but I don't think it will happen. Too bad. I think the clunkiness leaves some great gaps for better writers to fill in.
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(posted by on Oct. 25th, 2011 08:14 pm)
Bleh. I've been having trouble writing lately, mostly out of, I dunno, a lack of commitment and interest. I miss writing! It gave me such pleasing endorphin hits.

I had this sort of vague idea for a Good Will Hunting AU. Mark would, of course, be Will, the genius from the wrong side of the tracks with the sharp tongue and the chip on his shoulder. Dustin can be Chuckie, the hilarious sidekick character who is bad at picking up chicks. Eduardo can be the confused Harvard girlfriend. Sean can be the psychology prof. Peter Theil can be the douchey MIT math prof. The Winklevii are, of course, like them apples. It all works so well! Alas, I tried to write pieces of it, and I'm just not feeling the story as a whole. It'd take a lot to adapt it so that Mark's character could fit into Will's place in the narrative, and I just don't care enough to put the work in.

I went back and reread some older fic in fandoms I haven't really read in a while. It's kind of amazing to go back and look at your ~influences~ and see how they hold up. Pretty damn well, if I do say so myself.

Still enjoying Revenge! It feels like they're still setting stuff up, but it also feels like they know exactly where they're going and how they're going to get there. I really like Daniel as a character, and that's a tough act to pull. Actually, I like all of the characters except Declan. That kid needs to DIAF.

Have somewhat added Vampire Diaries to my slate of TV watching. It's trashy and fun and much better put together than True Blood, as crazy as that sounds. It's like not having an HBO budget is forcing them to actually rely on characterization and plot instead of whatever gimmick they've decided to come up with for the season.
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(posted by on Oct. 15th, 2011 09:33 pm)
So I started watching Revenge, and I have to say that it's a whole lot of fun for deeply trashy TV. The main plot is interesting enough, and I really dig Emily/Amanda as a protagonist, and I really dig Victoria as the antagonist. They both get to be highly competent and dangerous, and if the show can keep the intrigue up, their cat-and-mouse game is going to be awesome. I don't think it can last past one season without overstaying its welcome, but so far it's been pacing things nicely.

I am entirely amused by the show's not-Zuckerberg stand-in, Nolan. He's an awesome sidekick character, imo, and I hope they make sure not to fall in love with him too much and give him too much screentime. I think he's best when used sparingly and douchily.

Anyway, this show presses my competence kink and my schadenfreude kink, and I hope it doesn't start sucking. That wouldn't be fun.
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(posted by on Jul. 17th, 2011 08:23 pm)
So I just watched the series finale of Friday Night Lights, and ugh, I love it so much, but I don't think I'll miss it at all. It ended in a good place, I think, an appropriate place, and I love to see how many characters got their own versions of a happy ending.

Gah. Seriously. This show is so filled with quiet emotion, and everyone on screen is always giving it everything they have, and I love how much this show feels like a labor of love for everyone involved. It comes across so clearly.

I think one thing I love about this show is that even though some of the big moments stretch believability, it is so good at observing the little moments. It really knows how to milk those tiny moments of real connection or real catharsis for all they're worth.

I also watched Deathly Hallows Part 2, and I have to say (without spoilers) that it is great seeing how the years and years have built up to give us this payoff. It's not perfect, but I still enjoyed seeing it all unfold on screen.

(P.S. [personal profile] merisunshine36 and [personal profile] ninhursag, I hate you both so much.)
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(posted by on Mar. 31st, 2011 07:47 am)
I decided to watch the first episode of The Borgias for the lolz. Um, it probably says something about me that I keep going, "Hey, this looks exactly like Assassin's Creed 2/Brotherhood!" Also, "Hey, it's that guy!" Besides Jeremy Irons, there are tons of British character actors floating around.

Also, I swear the weather is trying to troll us today. YEAH, YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE, SMART GUY.
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(posted by on Jun. 27th, 2010 01:46 pm)
So! This show's politics are kind of disgusting, but for some reason, I have been seduced anyway, and it can probably be summed up as: TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAM.

It's hard to find a show that can properly handle an ensemble (NCIS:LA, for example, is still struggling to figure out its dynamic, despite Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J's awesome chemistry), and NCIS somehow manages to make all of it's characters and interactions adorable even when they're dealing with dead bodies and like, supreme breaches of privacy and due process.

Anyway! I don't get fandom's woobification of Tony, and I kind of have an unreasonable crush on McGee because I have a weakness for dorky computer nerds and Ziva makes awesome puns that are hard to translate into Chinese on sketchy streaming sites. Oh, and Ducky used to go by the name "Illya Kuryakin" before he started wearing bow ties, and sometimes, he still gets mail from one "Albert Stroller" in London. When Jimmy asks who that is, Ducky just laughs and says that he's an old colleague with whom he has a regular correspondence. Then he tells a very well-edited version of "The Juniper Bush Affair" until Jimmy stops paying attention to him.

Plus! Abby! Who is so awesome that all of fandom loves her, despite having been in an canonical relationship with McGee, who is one of the show's Designated White Guys and therefore in one of the major slash ships (such as they are) in this fandom. She is just so cheerful and perky and Goth-nerd and usually high on some form of caffeine! Her relationship with Gibbs is adorable.

Basically, the show's team interaction reminds me of a basketful of puppies rolling around and biting each other's ears until Gibbs comes in and makes them all behave because he's totally the Daddy of this ragtag bunch of misfits. And then Gibbs will drink some coffee and then possibly shoot someone with the ridiculously good aim he's acquired from being a Marine sniper.

It is possible that my time here has warped my mind a bit. Whoops.


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