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I saw Pacific Rim today. It was pretty much exactly as advertised. There were way too many ancillary white dudes with surprisingly large parts to play when it ostensibly takes place in Hong Kong and stars Idris Elba and Rinko Kikuchi.

I am also counting down the hours? days? until someone writes a Pacific Rim AU for their fandom. That whole thing about how co-pilots have to basically mind-meld and be compatible and feel alllllll the feelingsssssss while trying to save the world, well, fandom eats that sort of thing up like candy. I'm betting hockey does it first.

In completely unrelated news, I tried doing a timestamp meme on Tumblr. It kind of went okay. I got two prompts and wrote up two responses:

- A few months after the end of If I Needed Someone, after Kurt and Blaine move in together
- One year after the end of Cryptography for Beginners
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Also, stop writing TSN fic! I can't break up with that fandom for good if you keep writing it. Your Mark is a horrible person and I love him. /o\
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Ugh why does Eduardo love his stupid face?????? HMPH.
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