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I have too many thoughts/feelings

(or maybe just enough?)

Saw Moonlight for the first time last night. I've been waiting on seeing it, mostly because I wanted to be in the right mood for it. It's such a lovely, aching thing. Quiet and understated. Full of unspoken things. The sound design is fantastic. I think I wanted the ending to have more of a punch, but maybe it's better that it drifts off the way it does. The most amazing thing about it is that it's pretty much the opposite of Oscar bait, and yet.

In more fandom-focused topics, I saw a survey about ways of financially supporting fan creators on Twitter and I'm still trying to process my reaction to it. I am a creature of the gift-economy fandom. In some ways, this conversation is a sign of just how far the wider internet fan communities have come that we now do have mechanisms and models for supporting creators in ways that still mean that their content is still freely available. Probably spearheaded by dudes who are far more shameless when it comes to asking for money, but that's another post and conversation for another day.

I'm glad these models do exist, and I'm glad that creators who want or need that support can get them, whether it be through commissions or Patreon or tips or what have you. But I don't think it's ever going to be something I do for myself, whether it's paying into someone's Patreon or opening myself up for commissions. And to some degree, I know this is my privilege talking, because I'm pretty financially stable right now, and I have a work/life schedule that allows me to indulge in numerous hobbies at my leisure. But I would feel uncomfortable, having the pressure on me to provide work to the people who are giving me money, and it would feel uncomfortable to me to know that other people would feel pressured to write things for me because money changed hands.

And, I dunno. I feel fundamentally like I am happy to write for the feedback I get. Or, well, post for the feedback I get. *eyes up fic hoard full of wonky first drafts* And I feel like making that the basic exchange that happens for my writing makes everything simpler. Everything gets uglier when money gets involved.

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I feel a bit weird when people on twitter write a comment thread [just written tweets, no art] and then are like "if you enjoyed this thread/if this thread taught you something, please donate."

It feels like I'm chatting to people at a party and all of a sudden they're like "if you enjoyed this conversation, please give me $$"
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I think I would be happy to do a Patreon/commissions or similar for original writing, like erotica for instance. I already have a few self-pubbed stories that bring in a couple bucks a month. But for fandom/fannish writing, I wouldn't. I guess I'm an old!
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So, aaaahhh, I had some feelings about this -- a very similar reaction, and then the OP very respectfully jumped in.
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This is such a timely post! I recently reconnected with a high school friend who is living the Bay Area gig economy lifestyle. She gave me a link to her website where she's working on being a storyteller among other creative pursuits. I messaged her on facebook saying that I listened to one of the stories and enjoyed it. One day later, I got a mailing list email from her asking for donations to her patreon.

Something about the whole thing just rubbed me the wrong way, and I can't put my finger on it. I feel myself slipping into the "she should just apply to an artist grant/get a real job and then do art in her spare time" mindset and I know that's totally wrong! I also know a request for support is not a requirement. I think what gets me about it is less the request for funds and more how the request is communicated. I feel that you should put up front that you are looking for support, instead of offering the content presumably for free and then doing the "SURPRISE! FUND ME!" thing at the end.

Another set of thoughts that tumbles around in my head is the question of...I don't know how to word this, but whether art needs to have monetary value. That is, should I give money to my friend because I support my friend the person, or should I give her money because I support the art as product? Especially in 2017 when there is so much more creative product out there, and so much more that is accessible (and honestly, so much more crap). I think this is further complicated by the fact that while we have access to much more content, we have fewer real connections with the creators. I think I would be much more likely to financially support a member of one of my LJ fandoms than someone whose fic I now read on AO3 but have no other interaction with.

I also have too many thoughts!
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For me, because of my mental exhaustion[1], reading threads on twitter is also labor, so I feel like reading + replying + retweeting is my contribution back to their conversation, without being asked for $ on top.

Plus, because they're often using paypal, by the time you deduct paypal fees that the recipient has to pay, to get a meaningful amount, you'd have to donate the cost of an ebook. And a whole ebook is CLEARLY more work than 20 tweets!

[1] Chronic fatigue syndrome + pain meds.
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[personal profile] stultiloquentia 2017-06-01 11:05 pm (UTC)(link)
Reading and thinking and finding this whole issue fascinating, though I have nothing to add at this time!
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For me Patreon is the best thing for independent webcomics since independent webcomics, and I've participated in fandom for charity, and I've paid money for fanart (and occasionally fic) in zines and in prints. All that said I'm not someone who wants to pay to support /you/ if I don't want your content.