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God, thank you. I have been frustrated with the "feminism of Mary Sue" posts that are going around because most Mary Sues are so inherently sexist in their construction that I cannot understand this rampant defense of them. It seems to me that many of the pro-Mary Sue posts are completely misinterpreting the concept of a "Mary Sue." An original female character, even one who is completely self-insert, or vaguely self-insert, or a love interest for the male lead, is not inherently a Mary Sue. There is a lot more to Mary Sue-dom than that, and it has everything to do with the exaggeration of idealized and fetishized traits that society demands in a female. The traits that she is given that ostensibly undermine sexist hierarchies (her "power" traits) are equally fetishized by token of making her sexy via that very power. If she is a "strong woman" at all (a strength that is often undermined by a sexualized vulnerability), she is strong not for the virtue of being a strong woman, but for the purpose of being a strong woman who is therefore attractive to the male lead(s) (and everyone else).

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