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lilacsigil ([personal profile] lilacsigil) wrote in [personal profile] thedeadparrot 2010-04-14 01:25 am (UTC)

Speaking solely of fandom Mary Sues, I would go the other way - it's not the existence or plotlines of Mary Sues that is feminist or empowering, but the fact that girls and women are writing them. Girls are not putting off awesome onto male characters (as I often did as a teenager, when there were few geeky girl characters, and most of them were in Doctor Who) but going straight to "a girl is awesome!!1111!!!" It makes me happy.

Canon Mary Sues (the more prevalent male versions in particular) certainly do need analysis, and Mary Sue is a really good term for a character so fantastic that zie deforms the universe around the black hole of their amazingness. That character is problematic in exactly the way you define above, but, as we all might expect, most of the vitriol is thrown at the female versions, especially the fan-versions. This is why I'm not ready to say that the "token woman" is worse than no woman - Mary Sue is one step forward, but only one step.

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