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scrollgirl ([personal profile] scrollgirl) wrote in [personal profile] thedeadparrot 2010-04-13 10:11 pm (UTC)

I agree with your general point, especially this: I am not exempt from having my own Mary Sues in my head, and I'm sure a lot of us do, but you know what? I've had a few different ones since forever and at least half of them were white (while I am not).

In high school I wrote a lot of drawer!fic, stories set in a high fantasy world populated mostly by white people. I had an ensemble of characters, 6 or 7 women and 4 men, and they were all my avatars in one way or another. I gave them beauty and intelligence and destiny and fantastical magic powers.

All of them where white.

It's kind of amazing that it took me getting into fandom to start thinking about characters, female and male, who weren't white.

OTOH, now that I'm more aware of how thoroughly I've been indoctrinated to believe white = normal, I can try to undermine that and create OCs in my fanfic who reflect minority experiences.

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