thedeadparrot: (martha/tardis = otp)
thedeadparrot ([personal profile] thedeadparrot) wrote 2010-04-13 01:37 pm (UTC)

So, you're right that people shouldn't be assholes on the internet, and I agree, but I have problems with some of your arguments. This line:

To me, Mary Sues in the way everybody "really" means them (as the terrible overpowered insert of a juvenile author) aren't all that great; they don't contribute much to the fannish discussion, to fandom's body of work. Their essential purpose is as training pieces, to teach new authors how to do a whole bunch of different things.

implies to me that somehow because they're young, they're still learning, that makes the harm that they can cause less real. Their stories are part of the fannish the discussion regardless of how much we think they contribute. What makes the author's feelings more important than that of the reader? Why do Sue-authors get to hurt people just because they're young? What about Sue-authors who hurt younger people, people who grow up thinking that they shouldn't be writing black/transgender/fat characters?

I'm not trying to argue against the point that we, as fandom, need to reconsider the way we treat Mary Sues, because yes, the way we do that is atrocious, but I do think the readers are being left out of the conversation, and I wanted to rectify that.

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