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Following a link from [personal profile] staranise.

What I find problematic with Sue bashing is that people who decide to go be Mary Sue police decide to do so because its a fun way to beat up on someone 'weaker' than they are. Not that I'm saying you are condoning this, but I do think you give it a pass. At least in your post. Because the harm done by a Mary Sue is greater than the harm done by the bullying done by Fandom Wank, the Sue Police, and deleterious--or whatever those FYAD wannabees call themselves. And I'm not cool with that.

While there are decided issues with certain types of 'Mary Sues'--and this is a term which could use some definitional work because it can mean pretty much anything these days--it's not just that "the level of vitriol directed a Mary Sue tends to be greatly disproportionate to the dangers of her existence" its that bashing on Mary Sue obscures any sort of more nuanced criticism of her or Marty or just fandom's issues in general.

Because the sort of internalized misogyny that you are describing pops up in slash on a routine and rather worrying basis. How many times have you read a Kirk/Spock fic where Uhuru is pushed to the side as not worth even discussing? And there women are so tainted, so imperfect that there is no way that even the canonical love interest could really be the love interest, it has to be the other guy.

Also, how often does this sort of self-loathing lead to people calling a well-written, ass-kicking canon female character as a Mary Sue? Rinoa being a Sorceress in control of her power is a Mary Sue, but Squall commanding an entire country at 17 is just normal. Um, What?

The thing that I keep circling back around to is this idea that we shouldn't do harm to each other through our writing. What you are describing certainly does harm, however the fannish 'antidote' to this harm--which doesn't even address the harm in the first place, just hides it--causes harm itself. Because how many of the writers writing these types of Sues have any idea what the kyriarchy is? I think there are ways of engaging immature writers without shredding their egos the way FW does.

But then I'm a goon and I write femmeslash pretty exclusively so the ways of the fen are often boggling to me.

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