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rabidsamfan ([personal profile] rabidsamfan) wrote in [personal profile] thedeadparrot 2010-04-12 01:35 am (UTC)

Wonderful food for thought. (This whole discussion has been!) I haven't quite made up my mind quite yet, although I have found two cents to throw into the pot.

I have read stories with characters who are clearly "Mary Sues" of the authorial insert variety, and those characters are black, or handicapped, or fat, too. Not always and not often, but it has happened. And some of them were there to fall in love with, and be loved by, male characters, regardless of who that male character might love canonically. So does that kind of story empower a woman/girl who is not "perfect"? Or is it possible that that kind of story might empower a girl or woman who is bold enough to make her authorial insert a more accurate avatar of her own person? And does casting stones at all authorial insert type characters make it less likely that a writer will put a character who reflects her own situation into her stories?

Perhaps a better way of critiquing the phenomenon "perfect woman who pushes out the WOC" kind of story is to phrase it in that way, instead of using the "Mary Sue" term which clearly has spawned definitions now that some of us who have been in fandom for a while never meant to attach to it.

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