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(posted by on Jun. 14th, 2012 08:12 pm)
So one thing I think that really defines a tragic story to me, is when you can read it/watch it/experience it, know that it will all end horribly, and still desperately hope that it will not. You can see the ways in which everything will fall apart, and all you want is for something different to happen this time, just this once, even though you know it's not going to happen.

(This message is brought to you by Atonement, which still problematically falls under the "girls/women lie about rape all the time!" genre. Everyone is very pretty in it, though?)
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(posted by on Jan. 24th, 2012 10:17 pm)
Warning: not entirely coherent rant directed at other internet forums ahead.

I stumbled across a recent discussion on /r/books about hating on Twilight on reddit (which is a shitty place in general. don’t go there if you don’t enjoy watching white guys circlejerk each other about how awesome they are).

This conversations is mostly tossing out old arguments about how the writing is terrible and how the fanbase is terrible, blah blah blah, and I’ve been thinking about that lately, about how many people trot out the "but think of the children and the TwiMoms!" argument.

Personally, I feel like Twilight is objectively bad in terms of quality(though I've only seen the movies and have not read any of the books) and that it does sort of try to frame Edward’s seriously creepy as shit behavior as being rilly, rilly in luv u gaiz! Seriously, that shit is creepy and not okay.

However, I think that the fact that it is so creepy and not okay is a crowbar that Twilight haters (many of them male) can use to bludgeon people who don’t care about or even defend Twilight. This also ties into the whole line of thinking about ‘I hate it because it’s popular with teenage girls! Teenage girls are stupid!’ (Like how people whine about Dan Brown, but with extra misogyny!)

Apparently, teenage girls are too stupid to realize that Edward doesn’t exist and that guys who, I dunno, take the engine out of your vehicle because they don’t approve of your friends, are kinda abusive. And of course, teenage boys don’t get any harmful messages about sex or girls from popular culture from their movies, music, or television shows. Not from anything like Superbad, 300, the ever so popular Manic Pixie Dream Girl (warning: tvtropes). It would be so difficult to rail against those things (along with other harmful messages to teenage girls) and the culture that perpetuates them! And besides, isn’t that moment where the white guys kill the evil, sort of flaming, brown guys in 300 really awesome? C’mon, you have to admit that the cinematography is great!

I am really sick of this double standard where things that are popular amongst girls (in ways that dudes don’t expect or aren’t used to) are held up to a higher standard than things that are popular amongst boys (because boys will be boys, amirite?). I don’t see long ass lectures about why it’s creepy to try to center a plot around getting girls drunk in order to have sex with them outside feminist/progressive spaces, and yet everyone wants to call Twilight out on its shit everywhere?

I don’t know if it’s concern trolling or something else, but these days, I generally roll my eyes when people start trotting out the ‘but it’s BAD FOR YOU’ line of reasoning for having such a hateboner Twilight. Mostly, I hear, ‘but I FIND TEENAGE GIRLS LIKING THINGS UPSETTING’ instead.

Seriously, dudes, just let it go. We know it’s shitty and sexist and fucked up. If your internet feminist activism begins and ends with Twilight, I am seriously going to question your motives for hating on it.
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(posted by on May. 30th, 2008 09:48 pm)
I've spent the last few days (a) helping my dad paint the deck and back porch, (b) playing too much Kingdom Hearts 2 and (c) obsessing over Queer as Folk (UK), which isn't the most amazing show ever, but it is incredibly good. Stuart and Vince are made of awesome, and they love each other SO MUCH it's kinda pathetic. Actually, take the 'kinda' out of that last sentence.

Man, big fandoms spoil you for the small ones. I mean, there's some truly excellent QAF UK fic out there, but then you run out and your standards start lowering and all of a sudden you're reading a series where everyone giggles and cries a lot and the pairing marries each other in a big do and there's a match-maker Mary Sue who calls Stuart 'Stuey' and then a crossover with QAF US happens.

Yeah, that one was slightly addictive. *cough*

And I should be reading papers, especially since I'm moving into my summer house on Sunday.

Also, new BSG tonight. w00t!
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(posted by on Dec. 12th, 2007 06:11 pm)
So, I'm still reading [ profile] fandomsecrets and now I'm tempted to make one of my own, except anything I'd be willing to say there, I'd be willing to say here.

Like, say, the fact that I apparently still ship Sailor Moon/Tuxedo Mask or, you know, that I think Desperadoes sucks ass or that House/McKay is OTP liek whoa.

Or that I look myself up on LJSeek from time to time.

Or a lot, actually.
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(posted by on Oct. 22nd, 2007 04:05 pm)
dear fnl,

lay off the melodrama pills plz.


dear jkr,

the wankolypse was totally worth it. plus grindeldore was totally already otp.

hugs and kisses,

dear alonzo church,

i'm sad that turing's always stealing your thunder. but lambda is really sweet, i must say.


dear don,

you're totally right. shahrukh khan does do sociopath well.

lots of love,

dear sga fandom,

why has no one written an au where rodney's a girl, and john's gay, but then some ancient machine turns her into a guy, and john has a sexual identity crisis because he totally gets a crush on her, even when she gets her body back?

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(posted by on Jun. 19th, 2007 06:03 pm)

Thanks to all the people who said nice things about me on [ profile] ignazwisdom's love meme! I swear I'll pay you guys as soon as I get the money. (Joking! Joking!) On a more serious note, it seems as though I've gotten a reputation for writing crack, which, I think, I will correct shortly, when I post the first part of my twenty part series, "The One Where Wilson Cuts Himself And Cries Like A Little Girl, While House Heals Him With His Magic Cock". I think that one's totally going to become a fandom classic.


OMG, WHY AM I ON [ profile] metafandom? I'M NOT COOL ENOUGH, I SWEAR!


So this isn't really me trying to dictate how you read anything of mine, but [ profile] bironic asked me why my Sheppard/Wilsons (all two of them!) always have unhappy endings, and I've totally managed to figure it out.

I think the two of them are just too... surface? for lack of a better word. They have all this shit that's buried and that they don't want people to see, and they're too good at being what everyone wants to see from them. And I think they'd let each other get away with too much. I think I'm going to need an example for this.

long example )

I feel that they both need House and Rodney to tell them they're full of shit every once and a while.


Last, but not least, a meme!


1. Comment with a request to see absolutely anything on my computer. My desktop, my documents, my bookmarks, my latest works in progress... absolutely whatever you are curious about. Request it.

2. I will respond with a screenshot of the very thing you request (in another post).

3. In return, you will spread this meme far and wide.

I run Linux, so it's entirely possible that pretty much anything you ask for will look different. Seriously, if you've ever wanted to see what my ~/.bashrc looks like in vim, now's your chance.
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(posted by on Feb. 5th, 2007 05:22 pm)
- Soylent Green? Is people.

- AUs and crossovers are like the best things ever.

- The SGA fandom is on crack.

- Shahrukh Khan is so badass, he can make flaming rickshaws cool.

- That the House fandom needs more insane AUs. Like House as a tech support person/sysadmin!
Read more... )
Or on Broadway!
Read more... )
Also, of course, the dreaded High School AU.
Read more... )

- I should be reading 1984 right now. And doing work.

- And maybe eating.
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(posted by on Dec. 21st, 2006 04:19 pm)
Random cliffhanger though:

The main point of cliffhangers is not "omg, is character X going to die?" but rather "omg, how the fuck are they going to get character X out of this one?"

Because seriously, how often does character X die?
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(posted by on Jul. 19th, 2006 09:41 pm)
Dear people who like to say that market forces will prevent companies from being evil,

Please stop using economics to back up your idoicy, because A) You're probably applying it incorrectly and B) You're making economics look bad. And seeing as I'm trying to get a degree in it, I have a vested interest in not making it look bad.


(Does thedeadparrot have to smack some bitches? I think she does.)
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(posted by on Jun. 28th, 2006 09:40 pm)
Things I think you should know:

0. Standardized tests suck.

1. Jon Stewart is funny.

10. Superman/Batman was totally my OTP before I knew what OTPs were.

11. Humidity is icky.

100. Sometimes, when I respond to people's feedback, I'm afraid that they'll read my response and think I plagiarized my story, because my response is so poorly worded and incoherent that there's no way I managed to write a story that they could actually read and understand, much less like in any way, shape or form.

101. I want to see Superman Returns. Like, a lot.

110. Sometimes, when you leave laptops on your lap, they get hot.

111. Firefox pwns you AND your mom.

1000. Base-two number systems are cool.

1001. House and Wilson are so awesome, I don't really care if they're fucking (in fiction or in, uh, fiction).

1010. Ann Coulter should get smacked in the face by non-crazy Republicans ALL THE TIME. They could also yell "STOP BEING ON MY SIDE, YOU'RE MAKING MY SIDE LOOK STUPID." I would volunteer, but I am neither non-crazy nor a Republican. Alas.

1011. There is no 1011.

1111. I would be following the World Cup if I weren't lame. My apologies.
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(posted by on Mar. 29th, 2006 02:06 pm)
Clive Owen is hot.

Just thought I'd throw that out there.
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(posted by on Mar. 19th, 2006 12:23 pm)
- Supernatural is the new Smallville. I can say this without having ever seen the show.

- "Remixes" should totally be called "covers", but I guess that doesn't have the same ring to it.

- I wonder if calling "the pit of voles" is insulting to voles.

- If it exists, someone out there has written fanfiction about it, most likely slash. (Except for Citizen Kane, apparently.)

- There will always be more fic about pretty people than less pretty people.

(Also, I want to put together an FMA remix challenge in the vein of [ profile] remixredux. Yay or no fucking way?)


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