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Stuff on Screens
The Beguiled (Siegel, 1971).  In my continued pre-gaming for the Coppola remake, I watched this one. A wounded but lusty Union soldier recuperates in a Southern boarding school full of repressed girls and ladies, and things get out of hand. It’s as lurid as you’d expect a movie made in 1971 to be, but disappointing on a number of counts. The screenwriters promptly trade in the suspense for the sleaze, revealing a major piece of character backstory within the first several minutes. This reveal both neuters said character and eliminates the slow burn unfolding of that information, which made the book interesting to read. I came for the Southern Gothic atmosphere, which takes a distant backseat to softcore sex scenes and gauche visual metaphors. While the book shows both sexes struggling under the confined, upside-down circumstances the war has brought, this movie seems to be more sympathetic to Clint Eastwood’s injured soldier than most of the women, who either want to possess him or castrate him, regardless of their age or backstory. 

Still, if you have three minutes, the trailer is hilarious. It’s a solid example of the “so bad it’s awesome” trailer formula: Authoritative Voice Man barks craziness over the most sordid or ‘splodey parts of the movie.

I’m still interested in seeing where Coppola will go in her version. So far I agree with those criticizing her for not including the black house slave character in her adaptation, which is a loss not in only terms of representation but also as a counterpoint to the privileges and restrictions the white women experience. But I’m holding out hope that she’ll bring back the mysterious environment and languid pace, and approach the story from a feminist direction.
Big Trouble in Little China (Carpenter, 1986). So, okay. I didn’t do my homework on this movie. I went on Netflix looking for 80s goofball craziness and landed on this one. At first watch, it makes negative sense. I never figured out who some of the characters were or what motivated them. Exposition is either shouted over gunfire or occasionally blurted out as though the characters were being given Heimlich maneuvers. With its underground booby-trapped labyrinth filled with Claymation and puppet monsters, it looks an awful lot like The Goonies for grownups.

Then there’s the pan-Asian-pop-culture candy coating poured over the whole thing.
Gonna stumble through my thoughts about this, from a white perspective. )

Life Stuff

Last weekend I was in Geneseo, IL for my cousin-in-law’s wedding. The wedding was enjoyable, the bride lovely, and the events on either side--a firefly lit barn party and a small-town Father's Day parade--were quite fun. The parade was like drinking America from a fire hose: marching bands and tractors and beauty pageant winners and Trump and Jesus. While I had a good time, the heavy dose of religion I encountered throughout the weekend (wedding ceremony + fundamentalist Lutheran community) and the youthful innocence of the bride brought up some complicated, bittersweet thoughts and feelings. I found myself mourning my past as a religious teenager, when life often seemed more straightforward and I had fewer regrets (thought maybe that’s just because I was younger…). But I also reflected on the many reasons--intellectual and spiritual--why I’m not that person anymore.

This week I'm competing in the Grownup Field Games, including work wardrobe shopping and *gulp* dipping my toe into the waters of the metro Boston real estate market by meeting with a realtor. It’s all making me long for simple summers with nothing but my library's summer reading program to worry about. But I had a good time at Sunday's Fannish Brunch, which is a good reminder that you can be random and nerdy and fun no matter what age you are.

I’m taking a break from Hunchback to write a Rogue One Orson Krennic fic that came to mind in (relatively) whole cloth while reading James Luceno’s Catalyst Star Wars novel. I’m learning that “one does not simply write fic in the Star Wars Universe.” There is lore for fucking everything. For what it's worth, I am now very adept at writing about bug people.

Looking forward to…

July 4th weekend in Acadia National Park. Atomic Blonde (opening July 28). Charlize Theron AND John Goodman AND Toby Jones? Oh, my!

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Okay. Okay, this thing that I've been pouring hours into for more than month -- it's here. It's finally live. I am so proud of it. I am already thrilled and overwhelmed by its reception!! It definitely started with a late-night annoyed tweet, and now it's a 2,000-word examination of how and why we form and curate cultural memory. Thanks, Wonder Woman!

"Why Do So Few Hollywood Movies Take Place During WWI?" - Pacific Standard (a very big deal!!)
Going to the movies became a ubiquitous means of participating in patriotic culture closer to World War II. The Great Depression halted most memorial-building in its tracks, as memorials required huge local investments. In the 1910s, when movie palaces were still new, they became sites of moral panic for civic and community leaders concerned about sexual looseness and the corruption of American youth, even as only about one-third of the total population attended each week. However, by the 1920s, that number rose to half, and, by the 1930s, two-thirds of Americans took weekly trips to the movies. During WWII, studios supplied hundreds of fictional films torn from the headlines.

Simple, hagiographic narratives about the war predominated. In titles like So Proudly We Hail! (1943), Hell Is for Heroes (1962), and Saving Private Ryan (1999), WWII was "the good war," waged by the U.S. to crush fascism and imperialism. Hollywood did work closely with the War Department to produce pro-war documentaries during the war. But, historically, even films that are not government-funded, or those that have questioned American wars, have largely refused to condemn those who fight it. It is perhaps easier for film studios to sell a vision of Americans as principled heroes fending off all-threatening evil, rather than naïve young men fighting in a conflict of ambiguous nobility.
There's so much more! I got to talk to some amazing people! My job doesn't pay bupkis but the work can be so good!! (And if you feel inclined to share, you can credit me at [twitter.com profile] ejbergdahl.)
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My family's going to Denmark in a couple of months. For the first time, I'm included in the group. So I'll be going to Denmark in the first weekend of September.

It'd be easy to extend the trip for a few days, fly back to the US from Paris or London, see people I've never hugged or only met face-to-face once before. Or fly back to somewhere else! See someone in Canada, maybe, or Iowa or California, get a chance to...

But I don't think I could manage. I've got classes, for one, and dropping a full semester of them would push completion even further away and I don't want to be stuck in it longer than I need to be. My job's flexible enough I can take a good chunk of time off if I let them know months ahead of time and still be able to return without much disruption to my place there. So there's both of those things. One or the other could maybe be pushed aside for a little while. But not both.

It used to be I had all the possible time on my hands, but nobody to see and no way to visit them. Now I have people to see and the capacity to travel, but no time to see them. Seems fitting to my life, really.
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New DW Communities

[dreamwidth.org profile] drawesome is "a friendly community of fan-artists who enjoy drawing. We hope to inspire and motivate each other to practice and hone our drawing skills in a stress-free, supportive environment."

[dreamwidth.org profile] comicsroundtable is "a fannish community for comics discussion, reviews, and general chat."

Fannish/Geeky Things

Neat Twitter thread on Wonder Woman costuming, written by a costume designer.

"Wonder Woman Actor Says Chief Is Actually a Demi-God". [io9]

"Dungeons & Dragons Wouldn’t Be What It Is Today Without These Women".

"More Murderbot Adventures from Martha Wells". [Tor.com]


"Disney Princesses Reimagined Years Later As Queens By Daughters And Mothers". "The main idea was to portray the relationship between a true mother and daughter as the same princesses a generation apart to show the similarities, the features that are alike." (Related ~10-minute YouTube video, which I haven't watched.)

"Report Finds Diverse Movies Outperform White Ones At Every Level".

"Declawing: A new study shows we can’t look the other way".

"Host a Silent Reading Party in 7 Easy Steps". [Book Riot]

"Why Honeybees Are The Wrong Problem To Solve".

"Invention Saves Wildlife From Drowning in Swimming Pools".

"Sitka artist designs slinky dress from 20,000 salmon bones".

"How I use comic books as a learning tool in my social studies classroom". [March 2016]

On Atlas Obscura:

--"Most of the World’s Bread Clips Are Made by a Single Company".

--"Jupiter Is Even Weirder Than We Thought".

--"Laurel Dinosaur Park: This dig site outside D.C. is known for its exceptionally high density of baby dinosaur fossils and dinosaur eggs".

--"The Wartime Spies Who Used Knitting as an Espionage Tool".
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So my computer developed a corrupt registry file )


ANYWAY, it's nice to have my machine back, with nothing lost. And the fridge and freezer are stocked again after an epic grocery trip, assisted by a rent credit from my landlady. I learned a ton in the After Effects class. mention of parental health issue ) So life continues okay.

Media has been a bit thin on the ground of late, as you might guess. I'm reading Robin Hobb's Farseer Trilogy many years after [livejournal.com profile] synn gifted them to me; after a slow start, am now ~100 pages into book two and so far so good. Watching Die Another Day and now Skyfall on TV in the background; first time seeing either. Need to get back to source watching for the auction vid, and there's a belated Equinox treat that's finally possible now that the movie I need is out on DVD.

It looks like I'm not bringing any vids to Vividcon this year, which feels weird. But I do get a [personal profile] corbae as a roommate.


Good wishes to those of you who are struggling. Greetings to everyone else.
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For once, it might not be geography itself getting in the way of fun.

My family’s going to Denmark for a long weekend in a few months, at the very beginning of September. Is there anyone in that country - on the European continent - in reasonable proximity to an international airport hub - who’d be interested in meeting up for an afternoon or possibly longer if schedules allow?
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After going around to all the skate shops I could find in Brooklyn (excluding Williamsburg, because ugh, so far away) and Lower Manhattan, I've decided to just stick with my skate school that's two miles away and nice and trustworthy. I just called the owner/founder, and he says that I can order the deck (the main body) online and bring it in to outfit with the rest of the necessities, if I don't see something I love that they have in stock.

Which means I have a couple of decisions to make, and they're hard, so I'm putting it to a vote. Help me out, friends -- there are no bad options, so which one should I get?

A bunch of pictures, some of which are new )

Poll #18526 Help me buy a skateboard for my birthday
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 27

Which two (2) win for you?

View Answers

'90s Spaceman
6 (22.2%)

Creature Kills!
9 (33.3%)

Good Motel at Sunset
12 (44.4%)

Deshi - magenta/blue wrench
8 (29.6%)

Oyola - cream wrench
1 (3.7%)

Coakley - '40s planes
12 (44.4%)

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(posted by [personal profile] umadoshi on Jun. 24th, 2017 12:41 pm)
Wonder Woman

"Patty Jenkins is Co-Writing ‘Wonder Woman 2’ With Geoff Johns".

"5 'Wonder Woman' Amazons On The Power Of Their All-Woman Army".

"Native Actor Eugene Brave Rock Talks About His Role in Wonder Woman: As Wonder Woman smashes records, Native Actor Eugene Brave Rock talks about a whirlwind week and being gifted a headdress".

"The Revolution Won’t Be Saved By Wonder Woman — And That’s Okay". [The Establishment] "Wonder Woman is a stand-in for so many women in some position of vulnerable visibility who feel unfairly scrutinized for their ideological imperfections; she, and her at times tortured relationship with the women’s movement that adopted her as a mascot, provide a helpful case study for understanding the consequences of the demands we place on each other."


"I'm A Teenager And I Don't Like Young Adult Novels. Here's Why".

"“Boys By Girls” Is Using the Female Gaze to Redefine Modern Masculinity".

While looking up some planting info for plants we have, I learned about the existence of a couple of plant types that we're not likely to ever have, but which look really neat: arisaema (cobra lily) and tacca (bat plant).

"10+ Of The Oldest Color Photos Showing What The World Looked Like 100 Years Ago".

"Disney Illustrator Imagines A Life With A Pet Octopus, And It’s Just Too Adorable (10+ Pics)".

"Writing Advice to My Students That Would Also Have Been Good Sex Advice for My High School Boyfriends". [McSweeney's]

"These “Galaxy” Flowers Hold Entire Universes On Their Petals".

"You", via a locked post where the link was described as "How ordinary (often well-meaning) people make life much harder than it needs to be for people with disabilities."

"Adhesive Foot Pads Let You Ditch the Flip Flops with Flexible Feet Protection". [Article links to active Kickstarter.]

"Animated GIFs Reveal Differences Between Subway Maps and Their Actual Geography".

"Oh, Lovely: The Tick That Gives People Meat Allergies Is Spreading".

"World's first water park for people with disabilities is literally the coolest thing ever created". (Now, if only it weren't called "Inspiration Island".)

"Brutally Honest Freelance Writer Bios". [McSweeney's]

"The Lunar Sea: The moon influences life in a surprising and subtle way: with its light".
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Dear Rare Pair Writer,


Links to my fandom pages:


Maeve of Winter on AO3


Maeve of Winter on Tumblr


Maeve of Winter on Dreamwidth


WhimsicalNixie on LiveJournal


Maeve of Winter on Fanfiction.net



Wishing you well! This my first time participating, and I'm very excited!


I should say right off the bat that my prompts are only here for guidance, not as anything you are obligated to right for me. If you have your own idea for the pairing that fits with my likes, it’s more than okay with me if you want to write that.


Also, feel free to mix and match my prompts with different pairings and fandoms. If it’s somewhere in my letter, it’s something I’m okay with receiving for any canon or character.

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(posted by [personal profile] marina on Jun. 22nd, 2017 05:41 pm)
Life is good right now, and I want to record that, before I probably lose my apartment in the next few months, as I do every year for the past 5 years. Probably in some spectacular last minute clusterfuck, as has happened in 2 out of those 5 years.

Anyway, I'm still reading Ninefox Gambit and enjoying it a lot. My health is better. Not "healthy person" better, but definitely better than it's been in say, two years. I'm going to London soon, which is so, so exciting.

The thesis has been... awful, but awful in the usual academic-grind sort of way.

This morning my maternal grandmother's youngest sister died. I couldn't make it to the funeral, but weekend plans (mostly thesis plans) will have to be altered to go grieve with family. Her granddaughter just got married a few weeks ago.

I'm sad, even though I didn't spend a lot of time with her in recent years, since my grandparents died and we stopped celebrating their birthdays and anniversaries as big family events.

My grandmother was 12 when she and her sisters and her mom and her grandma and two of her female cousins were all living in a Nazi concentration camp. This sister, the youngest, remembers that time the least, but she was old enough then to help with the missions, where their mom would send them out in pairs to try and escape the camp illegally and get food and supplies in the nearby village.

Every outing meant risk of capture and death, so the girls always went in pairs with a cousin, not a sister. My great-grandmother wanted to ensure that she could never be blamed for putting her own children ahead of her nieces.

Anyway, it's a sad day. My own grandmother in New York just got out of a 3 month stay at the hospital, and I'm grappling with the fact that it's very likely I'll never see her again.

The sun is shining, and there are flowers outside, and I still have a bed and a kitchen and a closet that are entirely my own. I suppose that's something.

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