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Dear Rare Pair Writer,


Links to my fandom pages:


Maeve of Winter on AO3


Maeve of Winter on Tumblr


Maeve of Winter on Dreamwidth


WhimsicalNixie on LiveJournal


Maeve of Winter on



Wishing you well! This my first time participating, and I'm very excited!


I should say right off the bat that my prompts are only here for guidance, not as anything you are obligated to right for me. If you have your own idea for the pairing that fits with my likes, it’s more than okay with me if you want to write that.


Also, feel free to mix and match my prompts with different pairings and fandoms. If it’s somewhere in my letter, it’s something I’m okay with receiving for any canon or character.

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(posted by [personal profile] marina on Jun. 22nd, 2017 05:41 pm)
Life is good right now, and I want to record that, before I probably lose my apartment in the next few months, as I do every year for the past 5 years. Probably in some spectacular last minute clusterfuck, as has happened in 2 out of those 5 years.

Anyway, I'm still reading Ninefox Gambit and enjoying it a lot. My health is better. Not "healthy person" better, but definitely better than it's been in say, two years. I'm going to London soon, which is so, so exciting.

The thesis has been... awful, but awful in the usual academic-grind sort of way.

This morning my maternal grandmother's youngest sister died. I couldn't make it to the funeral, but weekend plans (mostly thesis plans) will have to be altered to go grieve with family. Her granddaughter just got married a few weeks ago.

I'm sad, even though I didn't spend a lot of time with her in recent years, since my grandparents died and we stopped celebrating their birthdays and anniversaries as big family events.

My grandmother was 12 when she and her sisters and her mom and her grandma and two of her female cousins were all living in a Nazi concentration camp. This sister, the youngest, remembers that time the least, but she was old enough then to help with the missions, where their mom would send them out in pairs to try and escape the camp illegally and get food and supplies in the nearby village.

Every outing meant risk of capture and death, so the girls always went in pairs with a cousin, not a sister. My great-grandmother wanted to ensure that she could never be blamed for putting her own children ahead of her nieces.

Anyway, it's a sad day. My own grandmother in New York just got out of a 3 month stay at the hospital, and I'm grappling with the fact that it's very likely I'll never see her again.

The sun is shining, and there are flowers outside, and I still have a bed and a kitchen and a closet that are entirely my own. I suppose that's something.
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(posted by [personal profile] umadoshi on Jun. 22nd, 2017 01:44 am)
Usual sad note that not only have I never gotten a bingo on one of these, but I often don't manage even one fill--but I can't resist them. ^^; I keep hoping some inspiration will be jarred loose, and occasionally that even happens!

My [ profile] hc_bingo card is under this cut )

At first glance I didn't see a whole lot of prompts there that work well with my usual-these-years fandom/ship, but on looking again, there are a few that I could theoretically do interesting things with, or that at least can be made to match WsIP that I expect to be on the shorter side if/when I can finish them. And my monofannishness aside, I do always hope that these challenges will twig something in my brain and let me write something new.

(Is this my first time getting an [ profile] hc_bingo card that doesn't have one of the soulbond prompts? I haven't gone and checked to see if it's literally the first time, but the card generator has traditionally been very keen on giving me "unintended soulbond" and/or "unintended side effects of planned soulbond" [or whatever the exact phrasings are]. I always kinda meant to write the former for Warehouse 13; it could even happen someday. It's pretty perfect.)

And my [ profile] seasonofkink card and Newsflesh-specific (inherently NSFW) notes are under THIS cut )
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(posted by [personal profile] hannah on Jun. 21st, 2017 10:56 pm)
I met a friend for coffee after work today. That's it, that's the big Solstice news. It's something new to me, and it turns out that even though it cut into my evening writing time, I really liked it, and I'll have to try it again sometime. Just not soon, given the aforementioned writing time. But definitely before August.
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OTW contested election banner

The OTW is pleased to announce the candidates for the 2017 Election. Learn more about them and the election process here:
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(posted by [personal profile] zulu on Jun. 21st, 2017 10:55 am)
I cannot for the life of me seem able to catch up on my sleep. I know I should go to bed earlier, but L's bedtime is 7:30 now and if I go to bed at 9 like I need to (lights off at 9:30 in a bid for something approaching 8 hours' sleep), that leaves me with 1.5 total hours of Adulting, i.e. doing the dishes and reading meme. And I haven't been doing the dishes.

Today I am dragging hard because last night I took half a night Tylenol, so that I could sleep despite anxiety over today's meeting. Coffee doesn't seem to touch that. Better living through modern chemistry.

So I should be writing but see: anxiety re: meetings, so I will do picky work instead. Trying to get a good clean draft of the creative work so that after the meeting I can work on a master draft as I make edits.

I forget what my point was. Okay, onwards to non-brain picky work. Hope to have it done today.
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(posted by [personal profile] umadoshi on Jun. 21st, 2017 01:58 pm)
--With less than a month until Hugo voting closes, it's well past time to admit that there's no way in hell I'm getting even most of the reading done. ;_; (We've moved past "unfeasible" into "the idea is so ludicrous that collapsing into faintly-hysterical laughter is the only real option if I think 'but maybe if I--'" No. It is not happening.)

--To further illustrate how my reading is (not) going lately, [ profile] seananmcguire's new novella came out a week ago and I haven't read it yet. ;_; I've at least been keeping up with some graphic novels from the library, but that's about it.

--The adorable annual we're planting that I couldn't remember for the life of me is Hawaii Blue ageratum, AKA "floss flower". *charmed* Look how cute it is!

--A happy twofold discovery: while rummaging for something else, I found a small stash of Toronto transit tokens that we'd clearly forgotten about, and I was briefly sad because I'd had the impression that the Presto system rollout in Toronto was far enough along that tokens might not be usable anymore. (Horrifying thought, since the Presto rollout sounds like a clusterfuck in all kinds of ways--which strikes me as extra embarrassing when, as far as I can tell, Presto works fairly well in Ottawa, and unless I'm wrong about that, clearly it can be fine.) But I checked the TTC site, and the header on the "fares and passes" section says "Last year’s tickets and tokens are still valid. Customers paying with tickets and tokens do not need to deposit ten cents." [Emphasis theirs.] So we'll see about using our stash up.

--Related: one of the infinite things I love about having Claudia and Jinksy is that it's much less heartbreaking to come home from Toronto now that we have sweet, soft kitties waiting for us, but the flip side is that I preemptively miss them. I'd cling to them, but they don't like that. ^^;

(That said, Jinksy's currently purring on my lap. *^^*)
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Title: Electric Lady
Fandom: Steven Universe
Vidder: [personal profile] frayadjacent 
Song: Electric Lady (edited for length) by Janelle Monáe
Summary: Watch the water turn to wine
Premiered at VidUKon 2017

Download, streaming, and content notes here
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(posted by [personal profile] disgruntled_owl on Jun. 20th, 2017 10:48 pm)
 Stuff on Screens
My Cousin Rachel (Michell, 2017).  After reading and seeing the 1940 adaptation of du Maurier’s Rebecca, I was excited to see this, especially with Rachel Weisz as the star. An heir to an English country estate flits between infatuation and suspicion after his cousin’s beautiful but mysterious widow comes to live with him. The acting was solid, particularly by Weisz, and the setting, costumes, and cinematography were really beautiful. I did fall prey to being distracted by actors I recognized, which in some cases enhanced my experience (waves at Simon Russell Beale and Holliday Grangier) and in other cases detracted from it (sorry, Iian Glen). 
The film made me want to know more about de Maurier’s life experiences and how they might have shaped her ideas about women and power. No woman seems to be safe for long in what I’ve read or seen of her stories. Those with personal charisma become dangerous, but not enough to keep them out of the crosshairs. I found myself a little unsettled watching the film ask the question “did she or didn’t she?” (as opposed to “did he or didn’t he?” in Rebecca), but that kept me thinking about it long after it was over. 
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Dieterle, 1939): The Disney version borrows heavily from this adaptation, and well it should, because it is AWESOME. Lots of fangirling under here )

Stuff on Paper
The Beguiled (Cullinan, 1966). I read this one in anticipation of the movie at the end of the month. A wounded Union soldier is taken in by the students and headmistresses of a girl's boarding school in the Civil War South, but more time they spend in close quarters with each other, the more their lives begin to unravel. The book is chock full of Southern gothic elements, and the prose is rich without being too flowery. I also found the book really useful in terms of how to tell a story from multiple points of view, including how to distinguish narrators when writing in the first person. Still, the book left me with the same question, I had after watching My Cousin Rachel: what drives the way the author approached gender? Cullinan is a man, but he tells the story exclusively from the point of view of the women living in the school; we only hear about the singular male character from their perspective. Several of the characters--male and female--prove capable and/or charismatic, but practically everyone is deeply flawed: vain, prideful, manipulative, jealous, debauched. I’m still mulling over whether Cullinan’s narration choices were purely structural ones to create suspense; if there’s a misogynistic subtext; or if he might was trying to demonstrate that anyone, regardless of sex, can be corrupted.  

A summer cold sidelined my progress this week. I kept waking up to write, but I usually ended up just staring and sniffling at my laptop, and then wandering over to Pinterest. Speaking of Pinterest, you can find me here, where I have a board of findings from my ongoing writing advice scavenger hunt, among other things.
In an attempt to escape the loneliness of my Hunchback fic project, I’ve signed up for the 2017 Multifandom Drabble Exchange. How distracting can one 100-word project be? Let’s find out!
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The rest of this batch is available here. <3

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(posted by [personal profile] hannah on Jun. 20th, 2017 09:15 pm)
Last Thursday, I brought some key lime cookies from Trader Joe's to work, because I didn't have much in the way of impulse control. The cookies were eaten up fast, with a lot of powdered sugar left over. So I took the key lime-infused sugar, poured it into a mug, mixed it with instant coffee, and made myself a key lime flavored latte.

Last Sunday, it was the last day of my long-standing part-time telecommuting job. It's not quite completed - I've still got one last paycheck coming - but all the work and responsibilities are now gone. Over and done with. At thirty-six months, it was the longest I've ever had a job in my life, and it'll be the new measurement for employment length. The work was sometimes annoying and petty, and I really only had to put a lot of effort into it during the first couple of months to make everything easy enough to sustain my responsibilities on an average of ten minutes a week for the rest of things. Still, I liked it well enough. On Sunday, as I've done about a dozen times in the past three years, I went to my boss' house in Jersey City, except this time it was to wrap everything up. I sent out a few emails, completely cleaned out the organization's email inbox and got it to zero, put every related file I had on a USB drive and handed it over, and that was pretty much it. She gave me tea, a mug with a giraffe on it, and the two of us and her husband went out to lunch together.

Today I would have liked to have gotten more stuff done, and I don't even have reasons for it, just excuses.
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I saw Wonder Woman yesterday, and I enjoyed it a lot. One of my favorite superhero movies so far, though I can't say how much of that is because of how wonderful it felt to watch a movie about a female superhero. Spoilers )

Usually I would go back and read many reaction posts/reviews of the movie by other people now, but I work full-time now and there are fewer hours in the day and it's very annoying. Still no time machine. (Though to be fair if I had a time machine there would be more important things to do than go back a few hours every day just so I have more free time.)
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I have set the timer and when it beeps, there will be actual words.

NO MORE RESEARCH. It's a trap!

Vow is written here, cannot be rescinded.

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